Porridge: w/flaxseed, honey, cashews, sultanas 2.8
Coconut Milk Porridge: w/coconut milk & super fruits, flaxseeds 3.9
Granola: w/Greek yoghurt & super fruits, compote 3.9
Sourdough Toast (1 big slice):
w/ butter 1
w/jam 1.5
w/peanut butter 2
w/nutella 2
Multi seeded/cinnamon & raisin: w/butter 1.8
w/cream cheese 2.5
w/smoked salmon & cream cheese, watercress 4.8
w/bacon & cream cheese 4.5
w/avocado & cream cheese 4
Breakfast Butties
All on lightly toasted sourdough baps
Smoked back bacon  3.95
Cumberland sausage  3.95
Portobello mushroom  1
Add Egg  .75
Soufflé Muffins  3.5
Toasted sourdough muffin topped with a folded omelette, and your choice of:
Smoked back bacon
Cumberland sausage
Portobello mushroom


Eggs: All on thick, sliced toasted sourdough
 (Poached, scrambled or fried)
w/ smoked salmon 6
w/ bacon 5.5
w/ tarragon sautéed Portobello mushrooms 5.5
Add avocado 1
Saints breakfast  9.5
2 bacon, 2 cumberland sausages, Portobello mushroom, sautéed potato, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, Lancashire black pud, beans, sourdough toast
Veggie breakfast  8.5
Toasted Halloumi, Sautéed potatoes & cherry tomatoes, Portobello mushroom, beans, avocado on sourdough, 2 poached eggs
Smashed Avocado & Quinoa  6.5
Mashed avocado, toasted halloumi, red pepper, lemon and greek yoghurt, all folded together with quinoa, arranged on sourdough and finished with poached egg and chilli flakes
Pancakes 6.5
House recipe, coconut milk pancakes with your choice of:
Smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup
Blueberries, yoghurt, honey, flaxseeds
Nutella, banana, flaxseeds
Toasted sourdough muffin topped with poached eggs, house recipe hollandaise sauce, and your choice of the following:
Smoked Bacon 6.5
Smoked salmon 7
Black pudding and chorizo 7
Portobello mushroom and spinach 6.5


Homemade Soup of the day: 3.25
Served with thick cut sourdough
Pan toasted rye flat bread, packed full of fresh salad, and your choice of the following
Moroccan spiced lamb, yoghurt and mint 6
Chipotle glazed pulled pork 6
Butternut squash, halloumi and hummus 5.5
Quinoa Salads:
Mixed leaves with freshly sliced cucumber, tomato, carrot, red onion, and avocado, all topped with white quinoa and topped with your choice of,
Pulled pork, lime and fennel 6
Roasted chicken breast 6
Toasted halloumi, roasted red peppers and tomatoes 6
Citrus infused smoked salmon 6
Jacket potatoes:
All served with salad and topped with your choice of,
Grated cheddar 3.75
Baked beans 3.75
Slaw 3.75
Tuna & balsamic mayo 4.5
Willy’s homemade Chilli 5
BBQ Pulled Pork 5
Each additional topping 1
6oz beef patties all served in toasted sourdough baps, topped with mixed leaves, sliced tomato and red onion and served with, a mini corn on the cob, nacho’s and a pot of BBQ sauce
Classic cheese 5.5
Classic cheese w/ bacon 6.5
Classic cheese w/ chorizo 6.5
Sloppy Joe (6oz pattie, Willy’s chilli, cheese) 6.75
BBQ pulled pork and cheese (no pattie) 6
Veggie (Halloumi, red pepper, Portobello mushroom) 6
swap your sourdough bap for a bagel at no extra charge

Check out the display chiller for a selection of freshly prepared Panini, if there’s a particular one unavailable at the time, just ask at the till and we’ll make it for you.

Really important legal bit, we use all sorts of lovely ingredients whilst preparing the food you’re about to enjoy, some of which may include nuts, gluten or dairy. Please, if you have any allergens or dietary requirements please inform us at the till, before ordering.