Porridge (V)
All scattered with flaxseeds
w/honey, cashews, sultanas 3
w/honey, banana, peanut butter 3.2
w/seasonal super fruits, compote 3.9
made with coconut/soya milk add .60
Granola (V)
Low fat natural yoghurt, layered with crunchy oat granola
w/honey 3
w/super fruits, compote 4
From the Toaster
Peel & Stone Hockley Sour (1 big slice)
w/butter 1.2
w/jam/marmalade 1.5
w/peanut butter/nutella 2
w/honey & banana 2.8
w/avocado 3.2
want to swap for a multiseeded bagel? add .60
Cream Cheese Bagels
w/cream cheese (V) 2.6
w/smoked salmon & lambs lettuce 4.8
w/bacon 4.6
w/avocado (V) 4.6
Breakfast Sandwiches
Peel & Stone buttermilk rolls, all served with a fried egg
w/3 smoked back bacon rashers 4.3
w/cumberland sausage 4.3
w/hassleback portobello mushroom & avocado (V) 4.3
• gluten free bread available


Eggs on Hockley Sour: 
Poached, scrambled or fried  4.5
w/ smoked salmon 6.5
w/ bacon 6
w/ avocado 6
w/ tarragon sautéed portobello mushrooms (V) 6
Pancakes 6.5
House recipe, coconut milk pancakes with your choice of:
 Smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup
Seasonal berries, vanilla ricotta, chopped mint, flaxseeds
Nutella, banana, flaxseeds
Honey, banana, yoghurt
Eggs Benedict:
Toasted buttermilk muffin topped with runny poached eggs, house recipe lemon & mustard hollandaise & your choice of the following:
 Benedict (Smoked bacon)  7.5
Royale (Smoked salmon) 8
Toro (Black pudding and chorizo) 7.5
Verde (Avocado) (V) 7.5
Florentine & Funghi (spinach & portobello mushroom) (V) 7.5
Saints breakfast  10
2 bacon, 2 cumberland sausages, portobello mushroom, sautéed potato, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, Lancashire black pud, beans, sourdough toast
Veggie breakfast 9
Toasted halloumi, sautéed potato, cherry tomatoes & spinach, portobello mushroom, beans, avocado on sourdough, 2 poached eggs
Smashed Avocado & Quinoa (V) 7
Smashed avocado, toasted halloumi, red pepper, greek yoghurt, all folded together with quinoa, arranged on sourdough & finished with poached egg, lemon, flaked chilli & sumac
Saint’s Spiced Eggs
House recipe roasted red pepper & tomato sauce packed withpeas, potato, spring onion, & chilli topped with two ras el hanout spiced – poached eggs, finished with greek yoghurt, fresh  coriander & toasted sourdough
w/chorizo chunks 8.5
w/streaky smoked bacon 8
w/butternut squash & spinach (V) 7.5
w/halloumi & spinach (V) 8
Sweet Potato & Beetroot Fritters
Handmade fritters with cumin & spring onion, served on a warm kale & bean salad, finished with poached egg & minted ricotta dressing
w/bacon 7.5
w/halloumi (V) 7.5
Huevos Rancheros 8.5
House recipe beef brisket chilli, grated cheese, avocado & 2 fried eggs on sourdough
Add Stuff 8.5
Want extras? Simple, ask us to add:
Egg 1
Mushrooms 1.2
Bacon 1.2
Sausage 1.5
Avocado 1.5
Cheese 1
Toast 1.2


We offer a selection of freshly prepared salads, sandwiches and panini as well as a frequently changing specials menu

We want all of our produce to be as fresh as possible, so some items may have limited availability