Opening Saint Kitchen, has been a career long dream of ours and now that we’re a few years in to proceedings we’re loving every minute of it.

After a whirlwind turn around of what was Saint Caffe, (we didn’t understand the double f in caffe either) over a very hectic Christmas and New Year fortnight, a lick of paint, a deli stand, a tasty new menu, and a very conscious effort in maintaining the already high coffee standards, we were able to open our doors on a cold January morning to our customers.

So, who took over??

That’s Will, the tall bloke with the stripy apron.

Will has been a chef for the last 16 years, working for Marstons, and then for a lovely independent Italian family, where he learned most of his skills, and how to swear in Italian, mama mia!!

It was working for an independent family that really gave Will the buzz of, “doing it for yourself” and after growing more and more fond of the café culture and speciality coffee, that gave him the clear direction he wanted to take.


It’s taken a lot of hard work to get  our coffee shop, the way it looks today, but we will be forever indebted to our close friends and family who gave up there Christmas and New Year fortnight to help us with the initial refurbishment and even when we opened, helping out with washing up and serving customers, so I’d like to use this space here to raise my flat white and say a huge thank you to them.

So, the new menu??

We are extremely proud of the coffee we serve, and we’re helped out by the skills of the guys over in Bristol at Extract Coffee, who roast our beans. 

We use single origin, speciality grade coffee, which we have a highly skilled team of Barista’s to extract all of those lovely tasting notes whether you’re having a straight up double espresso, a silky smooth flat white, right through to a 12oz latte.

The coffee is very much the main focus of what we do, so Will found it very much his mission to adapt a food menu to compliment the great caffeine induced beverages. We’ve just kept it very simple, fresh ingredients, a fairly traditional menu with a few twists, and presented with a bit of finesse. Check out our full menus in the headers above.

We also offer a wide selection of loose leaf teas which we serve in a pretty unique way, you’re just gonna have to come and have one to find out how. 

Our hot chocolate is a supplied by Kokoa Collection, and we use real, single origin chocolate available in different cocoa contents ranging from the white Ivory Coast chocolate, all the way through to the dark chocolate from Haiti.


You mentioned a deli stand??

Well errrr, yes. We did mention a deli stand, we even had it in place with suppliers lined up, then the coffee and the food side of things really took off and we couldn’t dedicate the time to it so that we could execute it in the best way possible. So we kind of had to build some more storage space instead, sorry deli fans.

As I write this you suddenly realise that this website is probably something that should have been done and dusted ready for opening on day one, to “expand customer databases” and “promote ourselves to a wider audience”, but you know what, we’re not computer guys, we’re that little coffee shop on St. Paul’s Square, that do really good coffee and food. If you come in a couple of times we’ll get to know your name, and we’ll try damn hard to remember it for next time. We love making tasty stuff and making new friends, so perhaps if you do pop in you’ll tag us in a tweet, an instawatchamacallit, or a Facebook post, and tell your mates about us, then we can all have one big Birmingham coffee party, now that my friend, is what we’re all about.